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1. Location of Fontburn Reservoir: it lies off the B6342 six miles south of Rothbury. The postcode for Fontburn is NE61 4PL. Feed this into a website such as Google Maps UK to obtain a basic map of the area, or an aerial view

2. John Cary map of 1807.


Location of Fontburn on John Cary map of 1807.

Note: a green road south-west of Rothbury, via Spy Law and across to Elsdon. Branch south to Green Leighton (no mention yet of Newbiggin)

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3. OS map first edition 1890's


First edition of 1890's Ordnance Survey map is reproduced with permission of Northumberland Collections Service. It shows the Font Valley that was to be flooded to become Fontburn Reservoir. Note: green road, as above, now including Newbiggin.

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Here is the same map with the outline of the reservoir superimposed.

Note: green road south of Newbiggin flooded by upper reaches of the reservoir. New road built via Fontburn to Newbiggin.

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4. Construction of Reservoir

Diagrammatic map of the construction of the Reservoir and Waterworks 1901 - 1908, drawn by Arthur Chambers. Map used by permission of Northumbrian Water. Two important buildings have been omitted from this drawing: the Distribution House, west of the filter beds, and the second reservoir house at the west end of the hutted camp.

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