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Font Memory 8 - Appleby-Mather

Oliver Mather was born at Fontburn in 1913 and, along with his sister Mary, lived with his Aunt and Uncle, Mary Ann and William Appleby. Most probably they lived in one of the cottages that had been the Hutted Village, not yet removed from the finished project, even though it had been officially opened in 1908. William probably was a general labourer, and they moved on in about 1916 to Tranwell. The items below were family keepsakes of their time at Fontburn and have been given by Oliverís daughter, Sheila Howlett. She said that her father had very fond memories of his childhood at Fontburn, especially of the Filter Beds. The School Head at that time was a Mr Brewer, a temporary posting to cover the war service absence of Captain Cooke. Mr Brewer travelled in by train from the Morpeth direction, arriving at 11am, a very late start for the school. The Inspectors were not impressed!

3a: 1907 postcard of the Waterworks and Hut Village.

3b: One of the "huts": was this where they were living?

3c: Fontburn Station with Robert and Walter Smith, date unknown.

4a: Mary Ann Appleby with daughter Mary and niece Mary.

4b: 1915 Fontburn School infants.

4c: Fontburn School, date unkown.

5a: 1913 school.

5b: 1913 school.

6a: School, date unknown.

6b: sketch, allegedly of the station house, but there was no such building and this looks like the school house built originally for the Head Teacher, but possibly 'let' at this point.

8: Three workmen in their best clothes?

8a: Mary and Dora Brewer, daughter of the head teacher.

7: Letter of commendation written by Mr. Brewer for Mrs. Appleby.

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